“All great changes are preceded by chaos.”

I took this photo en route to a new friend’s dorm room at Victoria University in Wellington. One of my best friends was with me, and we found this and other similar illustrations on the way. The intricate detail on this illustration and the fine, numerous cracks in the wooden lamp-post, along with the stillness of the image, remind me that while the creation of this illustration would have caused chaos (albeit on a miniscule scale!) in some manifestation, the resulting image is something beautiful. Or at least, I think it’s beautiful.
When you think about it, everything is a result of some chaos. In this case, it’s the friction between the vivid’s fibrous tip and the wooden lamp post extracting and staining ink in a formulated design on the wood. For the molecules and tiny atoms involved in that process, it’s gotta be chaos. Well, at least in comparison to the cushy life they’ve become accustomed to living in the ink cartridge of a permanent marker purchased in the Cuba Street Whitcoulls by some hipster from Kelburn.
Good golly; day two and I’m already getting pretentiously meta. Or maybe meta is the wrong word..
Abschied bis morgen, mädchen und jungen.

“The true beginning of our end..”

First of all, I’d like to clarify the opening title of this new venture of mine. See, it’s my intention to title as many of these posts with a quote from a text I like as I can – in this case, it’s from the prologue, delivered by Quince, from Act 5, Scene 1 of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s not as ominous as it seems out of context; in fact, the term ‘end’ here means ‘purpose’ – “(It is) the true beginning of our purpose”. It’s in reference to the bumbling ‘play’ the players are about to put on for the Lovers and Co.*, the purpose being to entertain their audience.

In a way, that’s sort of my purpose here. I’m Lucie, and I’m starting this blog in order to complete a challenge I’ve set myself for the next year; that I will find something at least mildly interesting to document in this blog, every single day. It’s an idea largely taken from my intelligent and fabulous buddy Sam Brooks, who is an ace writer and has started a blog to do something similar – you can find it here if you like (I highly recommend you follow it). I intend for my posts to be in a myriad of different formats – written paragraphs, photographs, videos, poems and perhaps the occasional song. The idea behind this is to keep myself working on creative projects. I’ve had a crazy year or so, and having something creative to do long-term and reflect on sounds like a pretty good idea.

Whether or not I have any kind of audience doesn’t matter – though I can’t deny that it’d be nice – as it’s more of a personal development. Not a diary by any means; I have to say that I  am not and never have been a fan of the notion of documenting my personal thoughts and feelings, so fear not. I know that at the moment the way I write sounds painfully pretentious, but I’m hoping that I can develop more of a casual ‘voice’ over time – please bear with me!

Anyway, as it stands I’m feeling pretty ill, so I’ll sign off for the evening.

Sayonara, kids – I’ll see you tomorrow.



* The Lovers and Co. would be a brilliant band name.. who’s up for it?